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Charge Card Training Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs provide information on frequent questions or concerns. If you have questions about specific topics not included here, please contact us or your A/OPC.


Yes, training is available in DOI Talent. Card applicants must complete training and provide DOI Talent proof of training to the A/OPC prior to the processing of a card application. There is a separate training that must be completed for each business line. Training will not be complete until all steps in DOI Talent have been completed. The training completion certificate can be downloaded from DOI Talent.

Please see these links for specific training instructions.

Bureau cardholders and approving officials who have taken the GSA card training on or after January 1, 2020, and before the DOI-specific training went live will not be required to take refresher card training for three years from their certificate date. Subsequent refresher training through the DOI-specific training will be required every three years, e.g., 2023, 2026, etc., after the initial refresher training.

The cardholder and approving official training courses are combined into one course per business line. One certificate is issued for both the cardholder and the approving official roles per business line. Taking the training once per business line will suffice.

Yes, in addition to the DOI Talent training, Citi will offer online training, user guides, and videos in CitiManager for all cardholders/approving officials. We highly recommend that cardholders utilize these training tools to understand and navigate the CitiManager system, including setting up alerts and mobile technology.


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