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Charge Card Purchase Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs provide information on frequent questions or concerns. If you have questions about specific topics not included here, please contact us or  your A/OPC.

Purchase Card

All purchase cards were enabled with cash in the background to allow for convenience checks to be added to the account if the Bureau finds a need. Convenience checks are a type of cash group at Citibank, and so an amount has been established for each purchase account in the background. This cash is not part of the authorization group on your card and will not allow you to get cash at an ATM with your purchase card.

The use of convenience checks should be minimized as much as possible. Each convenience check will be assessed a fixed fee of $3.00 per check.

Yes, you may use a government charge card to pay a vendor through a third-party payment processor (e.g., PayPal, Square). However, be sure to have a receipt/supporting documentation that meets the requirements for receipts and supporting documentation. Additionally, make sure the payment processor does not save your charge card information.

If you have incorrectly used your purchase card, never attempt to correct the mistake by paying the bank directly. Your Bureau has already been charged and paid for this transaction. Always contact your A/OPC for further instruction.

General speaking, the micro-purchase thresholds are $2,00 for construction services, $2,500 for other services, and $10,000 for supplies.


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