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Charge Card Fleet Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs provide information on frequent questions or concerns. If you have questions about specific topics not included here, please contact us or your A/OPC.

Fleet Card

Fleet charge cards are generally assigned to a vehicle or equipment rather than an individual. Therefore, there is a green diagonal stripe across the signature block, because no signature is required.

No. The Citibank fleet charge card may only be used for DOI-owned vehicles or equipment. Typically, GSA leases include payment for fuel, scheduled maintenance, and repairs; therefore, the assigned GSA fleet charge card must be used.

The fleet charge card shall not be used to fuel privately-owned vehicles (POV) or rental cars. Fuel reimbursement is included in the mileage reimbursement rate.

Please contact your bureau Fleet A/OPC.

You should only purchase regular unleaded, regular diesel, or alternative fuel (as specified by the motor vehicle manufacturer).

The Citibank fleet charge card can only be used for official purposes to purchase fuel, maintenance, and repair services. The fleet charge card can be used for emergency repairs and services, for example towing services or tire repair or replacement, but shall not exceed the micro-purchase threshold, unless otherwise specified by DOI Charge Card Policy. The fleet charge card shall not be used for unofficial purposes or personal expenses, e.g., beverages, snacks, etc.

The Citibank Visa fleet card does not require any data collection prompts, e.g., odometer readings. However, there is an industry standard for security prompts. Typically, you may be asked for the zip code in which case you must use the billing statement zip code. You may also need to provide the account PIN. Consult your fleet manager for this information.

The GSA fleet charge card for GSA vehicles only have data collection prompts. Please consult your fleet manager for specific instructions.

Fleet cards have the same micro-purchase limits as purchase cards ($10,000 for goods and $2,500 for services).


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