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Contact the IBC Financial Management Staff


Additional Contacts

The IBC staff is available to assist customers with general questions regarding the services we provide.

Craig Wills
Chief, Indirect Cost & Contract Audit Services Division

Phone: 916-930-3828

Kimberly Holt
Chief, Acquisition Audit Services Branch I

Phone: 916-930-3820

Mike Francisco
Chief, Acquisition Audit Services Branch II

Phone: 916-930-3814

Doris Jensen
Chief, Negotiation Branch I

Phone: 916-930-3829

Mark Stout
Chief, Negotiation Branch II

Phone: 916-930-3830

Meredith Day
Chief, Functional Support Division

Phone: 703-668-6978

Neelima Narra
Chief, Technical Services and Solutions Division

Phone: 703-668-6953

Matthew Schallenberg
Chief, Accounting Operations Services Division

Phone: 303-969-7274

IBC Process Automation Team (RPA):

Mark Reuter
Chief, Process Automation Branch

Phone: 303-969-5820

Michelle Dunahue
Financial Systems Analyst

Phone: 303-969-5125

Dawn Schaffer
Team Lead

Phone: 303-969-5768

Philip Parkovich
Quarters Rental Program Manager

Phone: 303-969-7164

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Bill Apgar
Chief, Administrative Support Division

Phone: 303-969-7199

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Brent Stevenson
Deputy Associate Director

Phone: 303-969-5416

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Last Updated: May 3, 2023