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Accounting Services Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs provide information on frequent questions or concerns. If you have questions about specific topics not included here, please contact us.


Financial statements are prepared and submitted to customers either monthly or quarterly (except for October and November). Footnotes are prepared and usually submitted quarterly on 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters only.

There are a number of reconciliations that are done monthly and quarterly to ensure general ledger accuracy. Examples are Account Relationships, Trial Balance Anomalies, Variance Analysis, PCAS reconciliations for reimbursable agreements, and FACTS II reconciliations.

Updates are not on fixed schedule, for current information email our Help Desk.

Payroll is scheduled to post on the Friday after the last day of the pay period. Contact our Help Desk for any additional information.

Transactions can be posted until the close of the first day of the following month.

IBC System staff reviews Treasury's changes and updates the system appropriately.


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