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Contracting Officer Representative (COR) Services

IIBC provides federal organizations with comprehensive global COR services. The COR function is critical to the proper management of federal contracts.


Contracting Officer's Representatives (CORs) are federal employees designated by Contracting Officers (COs) to perform certain contract administration duties. As the CO’s representative, they ensure proper implementation of requirements, monitor the technical efforts being performed under the contract, and are responsible for the day-to-day administration of a contract, ensuring performance issues are verified and documented. IBC CORs work with the cognizant CO and ensure they operate within their delegated authority. Our CORs become very familiar with the requirements and communicate with the contractor to ensure satisfactory progress of the contract. They work closely with the government’s program managers and contractor personnel on a daily basis to ensure all parties are consistently engaged. IBC’s CORs keep the COs fully informed so that the contract delivers the goods and/or services required to ensure a successful acquisition.

IBC's COR Services:

  • Ensure proper implementation of requirements
  • Monitor contract performance
  • Attend program management reviews
  • Evaluate work as it progresses
  • Exercise technical direction within the scope of the contract
  • Inspect and accept completed work on behalf of the government
  • Assist the CO with completion of the performance evaluations of contractors
  • Review invoices and make recommendation to the CO for payment
  • Assist with the required steps for contract closeout

Benefits of IBC COR Services

IBC CORs have the requisite training, certification, and experience to perform all required COR activities. The proper monitoring of a contract by an IBC COR greatly reduces the level of risk and problems. This can be extremely useful to clients, enabling them to focus on mission critical activities rather than administrative duties. IBC COR Services can partner with IBC Acquisition Services, or work directly with a client’s acquisition team, to provide a complete acquisition solution. From the market research and acquisition planning, to negotiation and award, through contract administration and close-out, IBC can provide the full spectrum of Acquisition.


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