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HRD Sidenav - Drug & Alcohol Testing

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Viewing Results

  1. Open eDrug

    Access and log-in (see login instructions)

    Screenshot of eDrug login page
  2. Click on Test Results on left hand menu

    eDrug screenshot showing how to access the link to view test results
  3. Enter donor's information

    Enter the SSN or Employee ID used to order test or Employee Name.

  4. Click Search

  5. View result under Status column

    The drug test result will be located under the Status column.

    • A drug test result may be Negative, Negative-Dilute, Positive, Positive-Dilute, Cancelled.
    • Other non-test results may be:
      • Pending; Supplies have not yet been shipped to the collection site
      • In transit; Supplies are in transit to collection site
      • Supplies at Site; Supplies have arrived at collection site
      • Terminated Request; Request for test has been terminated
      • Waiting on Paperwork; Donor has gone to collection site and provided specimen but the collection site has not provided the paperwork/Custody and Control Form to the Medical Review Officer

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