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Personnel Security and Credentialing Resources

Resources for Security Clearance Holders

This section provides a brief overview of the Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement, Standard Form 312 (SF-312) and other pertinent information. This information will help educate employees who require access to classified information for their roles and responsibilities. If you have any questions contact the Personnel Security Branch at 303-716-4005 or email the National Security Team.

The SF-312 Classified Information Nondisclosure Briefing educates employees who require access to classified information of their roles and responsibilities.

All Clearance Holders must review the documents below and sign an SF-312 prior to being granted a security clearance. Once you have reviewed the SF-312 Classified Information Nondisclosure Briefing, Briefing Booklet and Supplemental Security Briefing Material Handout (all linked below). Review and sign the SF-312 (v.2013).The SF-312 is a legally binding document between the signer and the U.S. Government which outlines the duties of the clearance holder to safeguard classified information and refrain from unauthorized use or disclosure.

Reminder, if you are separating from the agency or moving to a position which no longer requires a security clearance, you must contact PSB to complete a debriefing. Email the National Security Team, at least two weeks in advance, to request a debriefing.

The terms "Clearance Verification Request" or "Passing Clearance Request" are general terms used for anyone who needs to have their security clearance officially verified or transmitted to another office/agency. An official security clearance verification must be transmitted from "Security Office to Security Office". PSB cannot provide an official clearance verification directly to the clearance holder.

"Clearance Verification Request" or "Passing Clearance Request" are also referred to as:

  • Visit Authorization Letter (VAL)
  • Visit Authorization Request (VAR)
  • Perm Cert - used if the request is recurring and for an extended period of time

These requests are typically completed when a clearance holder

  • Needs to attend a classified briefing
  • Needs to attend recurring classified meetings (perm-cert)
  • Is participating in a task force or detail which requires a clearance
  • Needs to obtain access to a particular system from another agency
  • Needs their clearance verified for potential employment

Anyone who needs to have their clearance passed to another agency must complete a "DOI IBC Clearance Verification Form". ALL fields are required and this form must be submitted 2-3 business days in advance. PSB cannot transmit information through DOD's JPAS system, the requestor must provide a fax or email address for the receiving security office.

In accordance with Presidential Decision Directive/NSC12, Individuals must report

  • Contact with Foreign Nationals if sensitive, illegal, or unauthorized access to information is sought
  • If concerned that they were the target of an attempted exploitation.

Information should be reported by completing the Foreign National Contact Information form

Foreign Travel Information

As an Employee, you are required to report all foreign travel regardless of whether your trip is for business or pleasure. Traveling to a foreign country can be an extraordinary and exciting experience. Unfortunately in some regions, as a U.S. citizen and federal employee, you could become a target for theft, kidnapping, terrorism, or espionage. The Foreign Travel Briefing contains useful information on how to plan a safe and secure visit out of country. As with most things, adequate prior planning and research for your out of country trip will pay off later and ensure you meet your pre and post-travel responsibilities. To ensure that you are fully prepared for foreign travel and armed with the most current information, please notify the IBC Personnel Security Branch as soon as you know you will be traveling.

Foreign Travel Documentation

On an annual basis review the following documents

Prior to Departure

Send an email to the National Security Team and provide your Foreign Travel Trip information:

  1. Full Legal Name
  2. Travel Date(s)
  3. Country(ies) traveling to
  4. Purpose of Travel
  5. Reminders

Returning from Foreign Travel

PSB tracks all foreign travel notifications that are received and will try to proactively contact you upon your return. However, to ensure reporting requirements are followed, send notification once you have returned from Foreign Travel to the Personnel and Security Branch. PSB will ask you to respond to eight Yes/No questions pertaining to your foreign travel and any foreign contacts. If you respond "Yes" to any of the questions asked, you will be asked to complete an SF86C and Foreign National Contact information form.

This course is a mandatory requirement for all individuals who hold a National Security Clearance (Secret or Top Secret). Supervisors of these employees are also encouraged to attend the training. During the training, participants will receive information on Self-Reporting requirements for clearance holders, updates on changes to National Security processes and a refresher on security clearance related topics, such as passing clearances, courier cards, SF-312, reinvestigations, and more.

  • Stay tuned for DOI Broadcasts with more details regarding available dates, registration, and attendance.

  • Coming Soon - a full copy of the annual security briefing will be made available here once the training has been completed.

Consistent with Executive Order 12968, Clearance Holders must comply with reporting requirements. Clearance Holders are required to self-report anything that may be potentially disqualifying under Adjudicative Guidelines. Employees are also encouraged and expected to report any information that raises doubts as to whether another employee's continued eligibility for access to classified information is clearly consistent with National Security. In addition to PSB requirements, clearance holders must also self-report to their Supervisor and comply with any additional agency specific requirements.

  • This includes, but is not limited to the items outlined below:
    • Changes in Personal Status (marital status, name changes, 'spouse like cohabitation,' etc.)
    • Arrest or Any Summons to Appear in Court
      • Includes any arrest even if you are still awaiting formal charges
      • Regardless of whether the charges against you were dropped or dismissed
      • Must be reported within 48 hours or as soon as practicable.
    • Financial Issues
    • Alcohol or Drug Issues
    • Foreign Travel
    • Foreign Contacts
    • Mental Health / Psychological Issues
      • The following counseling does not need to be completed
        • Strictly family, marital, or grief counseling**
        • Strictly related to adjustments from service in a Military combat environment**
          ** Only if the counseling is not related to violence by you and was not court ordered.

Refer to the Annual Security Clearance Awareness Briefing for more information or contact the Personnel and Security Branch.

As outlined in the SF-312, Clearance Holders are responsible for protecting Classified Information and must ensure they follow proper procedures when transporting information. Furthermore, anyone transporting classified information MUST have a Courier Card.

To obtain a Courier Card, review, sign and submit an Instructions to Courier Form to the Personnel and Security Branch.


When transporting classified information:

  • The Courier is responsible for the materials while in their possession, materials cannot be
    • Left unattended
    • Opened en route, unless for an approved form of inspection
    • Discussed in a public place
  • You must have your Courier Card on you while transporting classified information
  • Classified Material should be transported under a continuous chain of signed recipients both internally and externally by direct contact between the recipient, State Department, Defense Courier Services or employees possessing a courier card.
  • Enclose the classified information in two opaque envelopes or similar wrappings in accordance with Departmental Manual 442 (DM442).

What - Continuous Evaluation (CE): According to E.O. 12968 an individual who has been determined to be eligible for or who currently has access to classified information shall be subject to continuous evaluation standards

How - IBC to perform automated record checks on all clearance holders on an annual basis.

CE Resources: Office of the Director of National Intelligence - National Counterintelligence and Security Center, "Continuous Evaluation Program Fact Sheet"

** ALL forms and paperwork relating to Security Clearances should be scanned and emailed to the National Security Team (reminder: you must password protect if you are outside of DOI) or fax to 303-969- 7413, Attention: National Security Team.


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