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HR Guide - Signing/Forwarding to the SPO

Please use this guide to generate your performance awards in FPPS.

These directions will help ensure timeliness and accuracy in completing this process.

Signing and Forwarding the Award Action to the SPO

  1. Sign and Forward

    This will bring up the Options List. Select Sign/Forward.

  2. Confirm Option

    Click OK.

    FPPS sign screen
  3. Select Authorizing Official

    Select Authorizing Official and click OK.

    FPPS screen signing official
  4. Forward Action

    Select “F” Forward in the “Act” column on the SPO line.

    This will forward the action to HR Operations Division. Click OK.

    The authorized action should be sent directly to the SPO. Actions that are not authorized cannot be processed.

    FPPS route screen

    The action has now been sent to HR.


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