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HR Guide - Individual Time-Off Awards

Please use this guide to generate your performance awards in FPPS.

These directions will help ensure timeliness and accuracy in completing this process.

Generating Individual Time-Off Awards

  1. Login

    Log into WebFPPS.

  2. Initiate Action

    Type INIT in the command line.

  3. Select Award

    From the “Others" drop-down box, select “Awards and Quality Step Increase”.

  4. Enter Employee Information

    Enter the employee’s last name or SSN.

    NOTE: If you enter the employee’s last name, you will need to enter the following information:

    • Department (IN)
    • Bureau (01)
    • Sub-bureau (99)
    FPPS SSN screen
  5. Enter Date

    Enter the proposed effective date and the contact information for the supervisor of the employee.

    NOTE: If an employee is getting 2 awards (i.e., cash and time off) you will need to use different effective dates.

  6. Input Award Type

    Input Type Of Award: “846”.

  7. Select Award Type

    Select Award Type: “A2”.

  8. Enter Hours

    Enter amount of hours.

  9. Input Award Information

    Hit “F2” to bring up the notepad. In the notepad, input "FY23 Performance Based Award in the amount of xxx hours"

    NOTE: If this information is not in the FPPS notepad, the action will be returned to the requesting office for corrective action.

    FPPS notepad screen for time off award


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