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PIV Card Enrollment/Re-enrollment


Once the applicant is sponsored in the U.S. Access system, an email will be sent to the individual, instructing them to complete enrollment to receive their credential. This is commonly referred to as a “PIV card”. The email discusses the importance for the applicant’s name listed on their identification documents to match with the information in the U.S. Access system. A link is provided within the email that outlines the proper forms of identification that applicants must bring with them to their enrollment appointment.

The email also provides instructions on how to make an appointment to enroll for the PIV card at a U.S. Access center. At the enrollment appointment, the applicant presents the identification documents, has a photo taken, and is fingerprinted using an electronic fingerprint capturing system. Provided there are no issues during the enrollment process, the appointment typically takes 15-20 minutes.


Re-enrollment is a repeat of the cardholder’s initial enrollment process. This is required based upon FIPS-201-2.U.S. Access and DOI require re-enrollment at a ten (10) year interval, with no biometric data over 12 years allowed in the record. As DOI staff need to re-enroll, email notification will be provided directly to each individual cardholder. Additionally, general re-enrollment project communications will be provided via bureau/office communications teams, in conjunction with the DOI OS OCIO ICAM Branch, to educate all staff of the required tasks surrounding re-enrollment.

Re-enrollment is also required if any biometric data changes for a card holder, to include legal name or gender identity.

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