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Personnel Security and Credentialing Resources

Lost, Stolen or Damaged PIV Card

A lost, stolen or damaged PIV card should be reported to your supervisor and the Credentialing Operations Branch immediately by filling out and submitting the form below to the Credentialing Operations Branch intake mailbox.

Damaged Card: If the damaged PIV card in your possession is not allowing you to log into the network, please contact your Agency/Bureau/Office IT Help Desk and inform them of your situation. They will issue you a username and password waiver for use until your new card is delivered.

The Process:

  • Cardholder submits form above to Credentialing Operations Branch intake mailbox.
  • Please note, a replacement PIV card takes 5-7 business days to be printed, shipped and delivered to the designated location.
  • If you are unable to use the PIV card for network access, cardholder must contact IT Help Desk to request waiver for network access. NOTE: when working on a waiver, VPN (remote connection/telework) is not available.
  • If the PIV card is not working for physical (door/facility) access, please see your building/facility group to obtain access per their requirements.
  • An appointment will have to be made to pick up and activate the new PIV card. Schedule your appointment using the GSA Online Scheduler (No account is required to access this system).
  • If building access is required, you will have to visit building/facility group after the new PIV card is activated to regain access.
  • Teleworker? If you are a teleworker and remotely access the DOI network, you must work with OCIO to ensure you have the needed access following PIV card replacement before teleworking. You will need to bring your laptop into the office to ensure the proper updates are completed.


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