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Leave and Earnings Statement Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs provide information on frequent questions or concerns. If you have questions about specific topics not included here, please contact us

If you have your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) sent hard copy and you have not received it by your official payday, request a duplicate statement. Send your request to the POD (click the Contact Us tab). Your request should include your name (as it appears on your LES), your employer agency/organization, a statement of non-receipt of your LES, the pay period of the LES you are missing, the address to which you want your LES mailed, and your daytime telephone number (in the event additional information is needed). Please be sure to sign and date your request. In most cases, POD will mail a copy within 24 working hours of your request.

A copy of your LES is also available through Employee Express.

The balances shown under the column labeled "LVYR C/O" reflects the amount of leave that was available at the end of the prior leave year and was carried over to the current leave year. They are not the balances in your leave accounts at the end of the prior pay period.

Under the column labeled "LEAVE/TYPE," "Other" refers to administrative leave. Administrative leave is time off with pay, which administration grants for events such as closures due to severe weather conditions, blood donations, jury duty, and voting. In these types of instances, there is no charge to any of your individual leave accounts for the time you are away from work.

If the leave you reported changes after your timekeeper submits your Time and Attendance Report (T&A), ask your timekeeper to submit an amended T&A to the POD for processing. Examples are when you really did not take the leave you reported you would take or you took leave that you did not report. Your LES will reflect the adjustment in the columns impacted by the change. Examples include "USD YTD," "BAL AVAIL," "PROJ YR END," and "USE/LOSE." No change in your carryover ("LVYR C/O") balance will result from the adjustment.

Amended Time and Attendance Reports can also be sent through your agency's external Time and Attendance systems such as Quicktime, CASTLE, WEBTADS, and TAAS.

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