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Time to Hire (T2H) Reporting Requirements

On July 23, 2020, the Department of the Interior published a new Personnel Bulletin (PB) on Time to Hire (T2H) Reporting Requirements. This PB establishes the T2H measurements and framework the Department will use to track and report overall hiring process efficacy to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Standardized T2H metrics will enable the Department and individual Bureaus/Offices to more effectively analyze aggregate data and compare results to the OPM 80-day hiring model, industry norms, and other internal goals to gain better visibility into potential improvement opportunities.

The specific measurements being tracked and reported are provided below. All T2H data is measured and reported in calendar days in alignment with the OPM End-to-End Hiring Roadmap’s 80-Day Hiring Model (see summary roadmap on page 10), which begins with the Hiring Need Validated Date, based on each individual hiring action/request.

The DOI T2H KPIs include six standard measurements:

  • T2H Measurement 1: # of days from the Hiring Need Validated Date (start date) to the Tentative Offer Accepted Date (end date). [Reportable to OPM]
  • T2H Measurement 2: # of days from the Hiring Need Validated Date (start date) to the Entry on Duty (EOD) Date (end date). [Reportable to OPM]
  • T2H Measurement 3: # of days from the Request Personnel Action Date (start date) to the Announcement Open Date (end-date). [Collaborative metric]
  • T2H Measurement 4: # of days from Announcement Close Date (start date) to the Certificate Issue Date (end date). [HR analysis metric]
  • T2H Measurement 5: # days from Certificate Issue Date (start date) to the Certificate Review Return Date (end date). [Management engagement metric]
  • T2H Measurement 6: # days from Initiate Suitability Review Date (start) to the Receive Suitability Review Date (end date). [Security processing metric]


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