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2024 Holiday Schedule for Time and Attendance Reporting


DATE: November 7, 2023
TO: FPPS User Group Representatives
FROM: Christine Zertuche-Rocha, Chief, Payroll Operations Division
SUBJECT:  2024 Holiday Schedule for Time and Attendance Reporting

Please distribute this information to all Human Resource Offices, Payroll Coordinators, Liaisons, and other appropriate individuals in your organization. Based on the 2024 Federal holidays, early submission of Time and Attendance Reports for all clients is required for the following pay periods (PPs). The submission must be one business day earlier than the usual time frame. Please take special note of this schedule and mark your calendars accordingly. Please note that five to six weeks prior to each PP listed below, we will issue a memo with specific submission deadlines.

 Pay Period

Pay Period Ending Date   


December 30, 2023


January 13, 2024


June 15, 2023 (early calculate for all pay groups)


June 29, 2024 (early calculate for all pay groups)

You may print or download/save the 2024 Payroll Schedule calendar here through the Interior Business Center website. To order copies of the 19” X 24” calendar, fax an appropriate requisition form or memorandum listing the number of Payroll Schedules needed and the address to which they should be sent. Please fax your order to (303) 969-7174.         

If there are any questions, please call the IBC Customer Support Center at 1 (866) 367-1272 or by email at