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Shared Certificates

The Department of the Interior published Personnel Bulletin 20-14 (PB) on September 10, 2020 establishing a Shared Certificates Program within the Department of Interior (DOI) that expedites hiring by permitting DOI Servicing Human Resources Offices (SHROs) to share certificates of eligibles across DOI bureaus and offices. Additionally, on November 18, 2020 the Department issued Personnel Bulletin 20-17 establishing the DE Shared Certificates Policy within DOI to expedite hiring by permitting DOI Human Resources Offices to share DE certificates.

As a result of these new Personnel Bulletins, IBC has established a Shared Certificate process that will provide the opportunity to share certificates across our serviced client organizations upon request.

To learn more about Shared Certificates, please contact your servicing Human Resources Specialist.

Hiring Managers are now able to share certificates or receive certificates from another client organization when the criteria below are met:

Criteria for Shared Certificates:

  1. not completed
  2. not completed

Step 1 of 3

Position is within IBC client base

  1. completed
  2. not completed

Step 2 of 3

Title/Series is on the IBC list of approved positions

  • Accountant GS-510
  • Auditor GS-511
  • Budget Analyst GS-560
  • Facilities Services Specialist GS-1601
  • Secretary GS-318
  1. completed
  2. completed

Step 3 of 3

Meets all criteria outlined in PB 20-14 & 20-17

  • The JOA must be open to DOI-wide or broader area of consideration.
  • The certificate must be active.
  • The position must be in the same series, grade level and full performance level (FPL).
  • The appointment type must be the same (e.g. permanent, temporary, term).
  • The position has the same work schedule (full-time, part-time, seasonal, etc), but does not have to have the same tour of duty.
  • The position must have the same selective factors, if applicable.
  • The position must have the same testing requirements.
  • The major duties of the position are the same or similar.
  • The position must have comparable specialized experience requirements.
  • The position must have comparable knowledge, skills, and abilities as reflected in the job analysis and assessment questions.
  • The position must be within the same duty location(s), as announced, including within the same metro/commuting area. 


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