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Hiring A Reemployed Annuitant

There are occasions when a very specific skill set is needed for a limited duration of time to assist the organization in managing a project, completing a special initiative, etc. In these situations it may be appropriate to consider hiring a reemployed annuitant (i.e., an individual currently retired from Federal service) possessing the needed skill set to fulfill the need. Annuitants may be reemployed either with or without their retirement annuity payment being offset by the salary they will earn, however very different rules apply to offset vs. not, as identified below.

Without Pay Offset Under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

Hiring an annuitant under NDAA enables the annuitant to receive their retirement annuity as well as the salary for the position for which hired. By law there are limited numbers of individuals that can be hired and occupy a position under this authority. For IBC, the number of slots available is determined by the Department of the Interior, Office of Human Resources. The program includes strict provisions on the number of hours that can be worked over the course of a year and typically appointments are limited to two years in duration.

With Pay Offset

When longer term organizational needs exist beyond the time and work hour limits under NDAA, employment of a reemployed annuitant under a different type of appointment may be appropriate. Consult with your Servicing Human Resources Specialist to explore options.


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