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Funding Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs provide information on frequent questions or concerns. If you have questions about specific topics not included here, please contact us

Funding Questions

We will accept MIPRs from any organization within DoD that is conducting business with us. Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests are not always required. For end-of-year funding transfers by MIPR, please include a MIPR acceptance form as it will expedite processing. IBC cannot accept MIPRs on a Direct Citation (Category II) basis.

Please ensure that all MIPRs indicate a Reimbursement (Category I) indicator. The MIPR must include the point of contact's full name, phone number, and fax number, as well as an email address. IBC does not have Defense Switched Network capability. Once the MIPR is completed and signed for the requiring activity, the MIPR is to be faxed or scanned/emailed to IBC. The MIPR is processed and then the accepted document will be emailed back to the requiring activity point of contact. Please be sure to include a project description in sufficient detail to establish your bona fide need. Note: MIPRs shall include the following statement: THIS ORDER IS ISSUED UNDER THE EXPRESS AUTHORITY OF THE GOVERNMENT MANAGEMENT REFORM ACT OF 1994 (P.L.103-356).

The Federal Information Processing Standards Code is an alphanumeric code assigned to each agency and/or their division in order to track data. In procurement, it is a critical piece of information that allows the contracting office to assign award credits to the program that funded the project. Returning award credits to the funding agency gives the true picture of how that agency spends its program funds. Although IBC was sent the money to spend, and we in turn spend it on behalf of our clients. As an example, when the Small Business Administration needs to report how individual agencies met or exceeded their small business goals, the FIPS Code is a major component in deriving the data from the Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation.

All federal agencies are to complete Part A and Part B. Required by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, these documents serve an important purpose when an audit is conducted, plus, they add consistency in the process across the government. Part A is the service agreement. Simply stated, it is what you will do and what we will do to handle your acquisition. It gives specificity to the overall work that IBC will handle on your behalf, and gives guidance to the working relationship. Part B is the funding instrument. For civilian agencies, this is your Interagency Agreement. For DoD, this is the MIPR document. PART B provides information required to demonstrate the bona fide need and authorizes the transfer and obligation of funds. We have a team of people to assist you with these forms.

No, IBC accepts funding under a "Reimbursable Basis" (Category I), and cannot accept funding under a "Direct Cite Basis" (Category II).

Unless special circumstances exist, funds will remain unused in your account until the first invoice is approved and vendor payment is made. Each time an invoice is paid to the vendor, IBC will submit its service fee for payment. The service fee on each invoice is calculated against the invoiced amount, and collected over the life of the contract.


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