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Recurring Year-End Cut Off Dates

Procurement Request Package Submission Dates

Below is a list of IBC's Acquisition Services recurring year-end cut off dates to submit executable procurement packages funded with that year appropriation. If any of these dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the due date is the immediate federal work-day following that weekend or holiday.

An acceptable procurement package includes an approved and funded procurement request (PR); a final independent government cost estimate (IGCE); an actionable statement of work (SOW), performance work statement (PWS), or specifications; and market research documentation.

While we have developed these year-end cut off dates to help ensure all actions are awarded as part of normal business, we understand budgetary challenges and urgent needs may arise late in the fiscal year. In these cases, IBC may still be able to process actions after the end-of-year cut off dates; however, we request our customers include a memorandum signed by the customer Senior Executive or Office Director for all procurement packages submitted after the cut-off date explaining the reason for its late submission. This memo shall be accompanied by the complete SOW/PWS/specifications and IGCE.


Procurement Package TypeDue Date
New acquisitions between $150K and $10 million 
New orders against GSA FSS, GWAC, and AQD IDV greater than $10 million
March 15
New orders against GSA FSS, GWAC, and AQD IDV below $10 million New Financial Assistance requirementsMay 15
New simplified acquisitionsJune 15
Modifications – Exercise option periods90 days prior to expiration
Modifications – Complex (i.e. requires negotiation)May 15
Modifications – Simple (i.e. administrative changes)August 1

**NOTE: There are many possible procurement lead time variables for new requirements with an estimated value greater than $10 million. For these large requirements, the procurement process could exceed one year. Customers are strongly encouraged to partner with their Contracting Officer and develop an acquisition strategy with agreed milestones.


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