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We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and help you learn about us.

Federal program managers may contact us via email and one of our acquisition professionals will reach out to you. We can discuss your project requirements, what you are looking to accomplish and provide you with more information on our acquisition organization.

A typical federal acquisition project can be lengthy and complex. The successful execution of an acquisition project depends on a collaborative partnership involving all key areas: program office, budget, legal and contracting. All roles are essential to the process from planning, soliciting and evaluating offers, to awarding and administering contracts, through closeout.

To help you plan requirements, we established Procurement Action Lead Time goals based on dollar value and acquisition complexity.

We also publish our procurement request package submission dates on our website, and if these dates cause consternation or concern, we encourage you to call your servicing Contracting Officer or call our customer support number, 703-964-8800.


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