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AIRS Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs provide information on frequent questions or concerns. If you have questions about specific topics not included here, please contact us.


The Aviation Information Reporting Support (AIRS) functionality enables the filing of aircraft usage reports, as required by non-fleet contracts written by the Department of the Interior, Acquisitions Division.

If you have a current active contract with DOI/IBC for non-fleet aviation services and will be providing services in the near future, send an email to the Help Desk. They will provide a form or you can access the form for you to provide your Vendor DUNS number, a user name and unique email. Note - IDs are unique to individuals and may not be shared among multiple users. You may have more than one user for your company, but each must have their own email address and AIRS ID. Please allow 2-3 business days for your account to be created. At that time, you will receive two emails - one with your account ID, and a second with a temporary password.

While you wait for your account to be created, please review the training material.

Contact the AIRS Help Desk.

Please use the "Forgot My Password" link on the main AIRS login page. The system will send a temporary password to the email on record for that user ID.

Yes. Currently AIRS is only supported in Chrome. It may work in other browsers, however our development and testing has been done in Chrome, our Help Desk operates under Chrome, and we cannot guarantee or verify functionality with other platforms. Additional browsers may be supported in the future.

Yes. After 45 days of non-use, your AIRS portal account will lock. You can call or email the AIRS Help Desk to request it be unlocked.

Yes. After 15 minutes since the last time you save any record, it will time out and you will need to log back in - any unsaved work will be lost. This is based on SAVING the record to our system, not merely working actively in AIRS itself. Save as you go!

There is currently no functionality for attachments in AIRS. You will attach your signed ‘23, along with the detailed PDF from AIRS and any other supporting documentation, to your invoice in IPP; as well as email it if your order is not pre-funded.

When you submit your invoice in IPP, a notification will be sent to a government invoice reviewer, and they will begin the review and validation of the invoice/AUR.

No. You can see the current status of the AUR in AIRS. You can also monitor the status of your invoice and payment in IPP.

If your question is regarding creating or submitting an  AUR, please have a copy of your parent contract and/or task order available. For us to help you, you may need to provide:

  • Parent Contract Number
  • Task Order Number
  • AUR start and end date

If your question is regarding access or logging in to AIRS, DO NOT EMAIL YOUR PASSWORD to the Help Desk. Either use the “Forgot Password” link to have a password sent to you, or contact the Help Desk.

Not for Vendors. Throughout the period it takes the government to close out each year and establish new fiscal records (late September through mid-October), you should continue or save and email AURs with pertinent documents to  for (on-call) AURs that require funding.

  • Government personnel however, are locked out from accessing AURs or invoices during this period, and payments are suspended during this time. Every effort is made to meet the Net 30 requirement for payment to the Vendors. To help us meet that goal, please invoice promptly throughout the season- don’t save them up until the year end crunch.
  • The Help Desk will communicate important year end deadlines and process to all vendors. It is important that you keep your company email contacts in SAM and personal email information in AIRS, up to date in order to receive this and any other important information.


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