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Procurement Action Lead Time Categories & Goals

We establish Procurement Action Lead Time (PALT) goals based on dollar value and acquisition complexity.

Our PALT is the approximate number of calendar days from the time the contracting officer accepts a complete acquisition package to the time of award. An acceptable acquisition package includes:

  • Certified and approved Procurement Request or other funding document;
  • Complete independent government cost estimate;
  • Complete specifications and/or performance work statement, statement of work, statement of objectives;
  • Market Research documentation

Funds for contracting actions must be received timely. Due to system processing requirements, funding documents may take up to seven (7) business days to process. Funds not received timely could result in the contracting action not being processed on time, causing a contract to expire, or causing a significant gap in service for the customer. If funding is not received from the customer by the timeline specified by the contracting staff, the funding concern will be escalated within AQD and with the customer.

Large Acquisitions Goal to Award
(Calendar Days)
Competitive Contracts $150K - $10M 90 – 180
Competitive Contracts $10M - $50M 180 – 270
Competitive Contracts over $50M Up to 365
Sole Source Contracts $150K to $10M 90 – 150
Sole Source Contracts $10M to $50M 120 – 240
Sole Source Contracts over $50M Up to 270
SBIRs 45 – 120

Federal Supply Schedules/Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts Goal to Award
(Calendar Days)
Orders for Supplies 45 – 120
Orders for Services 60 – 180

AQD Indefinite Delivery Vehicles Goal to Award
(Calendar Days)
Competitive Orders $0 to $10M 45 – 120
Competitive Orders over $10M 60 – 180
Sole Source Orders $0 to $700K 30 – 45
Sole Source Orders over $700K 60 – 90

Financial Assistance Goal to Award
(Calendar Days)
Grants, Cooperative Agreements, Other Transaction Authority Up to 120

Small Purchases (Simplified Acquisition Procedures) Goal to Award
(Calendar Days)
Purchases up to $25K 14 – 24
Purchases $25K to $150K 21 – 45
Commercial Purchases $150K to $7M 45 – 180

Modifications Goal to Award
(Calendar Days)
Simple Modifications  (i.e. option exercise, administrative changes, etc.) Up to 20
Complex Modifications (i.e. constructive changes, claims, terminations, equitable adjustments, consideration, etc.) Up to 120


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