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COR Certification Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs provide information on frequent questions or concerns. If you have questions about specific topics not included here, please contact us

COR Questions

The Contracting Officer’s Representative plays an important role in the administration and technical oversight of federal contracts. As our client agency, you should recommend individuals who have the technical, professional, and administrative qualifications to oversee contractor performance. Only those individuals meeting the training criteria outlined can be a COR. The contracting officer is the only one who has the legal authority to appoint the COR.

The candidate must complete 40 hours of basic COR training not more than two years prior to an initial appointment as a COR. The training must be comprehensive, COR-specific training. It is not necessary to complete a single 40-hour class; a combination of short classes is acceptable as long as the classes total 40 hours. To maintain certification, an individual must complete a minimum of 40 continuous learning points (CLPs) of acquisition or COR related training every two years. Please verify the training requirements with your agency’s FAC-COR Program Coordinator. IBC verifies that current FAC-COR training certificates from your agency are qualified.

Continuing Education Units and Continuous Learning Points are forms of measurement for training. CEUs are usually given for college courses or in-depth, long-term training. Each academic quarter or semester hour equals one CEU. One CEU equals ten CLPs. CLPs are usually given for less formal training or conferences.

Yes. Individuals nominated to serve as COR must meet the FAC-COR certification requirements for the duration of the contract. IBC follows The Office of Federal Procurement Policy with regard to COR training requirements. OFPP has outlined a structured COR training program in a November 26, 2007 Memorandum For Chief Acquisition Officers.

Many vendors offer competency-based COR training courses on a regular basis. Please review the COR Training document (online and classroom) for a list of vendors and links to course offerings. Online training is another way to meet some of your training requirements.

The COR is an authorized representative who coordinates technical issues with a contracting officer for resolution. The COR is responsible for the day-to-day technical oversight of contractor performance. The contracting officer appoints or terminates a COR based on the needs of each acquisition and the competency of the appointed COR. The appointed COR must only perform those duties and responsibilities as directed by the contracting officer.


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