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Contract Audit Resources

Contract Audit Checklists & Tools

Prior to starting an audit, our auditors are required to have an adequate incurred cost proposal submitted from the contractor. IBC will perform an adequacy check on the submitted proposal to determine whether it is adequate for audit. Contracting officers and contractors can use the links below to access the same checklists that IBC auditors use to assess adequacy. IBC has provided a link to the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) ICE model below.

ICE (Incurred Cost Electronically) Model and Manual: The ICE model (the electronic version of DCAA’s "Model Incurred Cost Proposal") assists contractors in preparing adequate Incurred Cost Proposals. AAS recognizes the many benefits of contractors utilizing the DCAA model.

Incurred Cost Submission Adequacy Checklist: This checklist is used for assessing the adequacy of a contract price proposal in accordance with FAR. The Checklist assesses the adequacy of cost or pricing data.

Contract Briefing Template: This template is used for briefing contracts. The template is a pro forma document for the contractor to review and determine the specific requirements for each contract. Contract briefs generally include a synopsis of all pertinent contract provisions. 


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