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Update to G-Invoicing Implementation

Customer Information Bulletin

Date: September 6, 2022
To: IBC Customers
Subject: Update to G-Invoicing Implementation

Per our IBC customer communication sent on May 26, 2022, we are preparing for the implementation of the U.S. Department of Treasury’s G-Invoicing solution. However, due to changes required in the Department of the Interior’s Financial and Business Management System (FBMS), IBC’s readiness as a Seller/Servicing Agency to accept G-Invoicing orders (7600Bs) starting October 1, 2022, will be delayed until sometime in FY 2023.

In the interim, we will manage all orders using the same processes used for FY 2022 orders. Prior to the IBC Go-live date for G-Invoicing, the IBC Directorates will contact customers with instructions for processing IAAs and Orders for FY 2023 business. Once FBMS changes have been completed to accommodate G-Invoicing, we will send an updated communication with information on how we plan to manage orders at that time.     

Note: If you are an Oracle Federal Financials (OFF) customer, the G-Invoicing implementation in OFF continues. Please observe the guidance provided by the IBC/FMD G-Invoicing Implementation Team. This communication is pertinent to orders with IBC as a Seller/Servicing Agency and customers in the role of Buyer/Requesting Agency.