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A message from the IBC Director – Leadership Update

Customer Information Bulletin

Date: June 4, 2024
To: IBC Customers
From: Quan M. Boatman, Director, Interior Business Center
Subject: A message from the IBC Director – Leadership Update

IBC Customers,

I am excited to announce my new role as the IBC Director and look forward to working closely with each of you to achieve our shared goals. I am honored to continue to lead a hardworking and dedicated workforce of 900+ personnel charged with the mission of providing support services that allow you to better focus on achieving your missions.  

Under my leadership, IBC will continue to foster innovation, streamline processes, invest in our employees, and enhance our commitment to excellence, ensuring our sustained success as a premier federal shared services provider.

My vision is to create an environment where it is easier for employees to succeed and for our customers to access and receive our services seamlessly.

I joined IBC in August 2021, as the Deputy Director. In that role, I ensured effective planning and management of IBC services, operations, and resources. I guided IBC’s strategy, risk, and performance management functions while supporting IBC’s three customer-facing shared service areas of assisted acquisition, financial management, and human resources/payroll.

Prior to coming to IBC, I held several leadership positions overseeing government-wide programs and initiatives at the General Services Administration (GSA), Office of Management and Budget (detail) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Thank you for being a valued customer of IBC and for allowing us the privilege to serve as your trusted partner.

- Quan Boatman