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IBC Denver’s Workplace of the Future

IBC’s Lakewood campus is moving to the Denver Federal Center in 2023. This move will consolidate multiple buildings into one while putting us closer to many of our customers. The location is approximately seven miles from our current campus.

IBC has partnered with our parent organization, the Department of the Interior, and the General Services Administration for several years towards the goal of modernizing Building 48 at the Denver Federal Center. In 2015, IBC partnered with GSA to complete a modernization feasibility study to support the repurposing of the building. GSA's Region 8 used the study to support the request for approximately $48 million in funding as part of its Five-Year Capital Investment Plan. In June 2019, Congress approved the requested GSA funding to prepare Building 48 for the move of IBC from our current location in Denver.

The move will have several benefits to IBC and our customers:

  • Consolidation of IBC employees in Lakewood, CO to one building
  • Proximity to customers and stakeholders
  • Increased meeting space to support in person and virtual meetings and training with customers
  • Enhanced security
  • Limited geographic disruption to employees
  • Reduced leased costs per square foot and planned cost recovery in seven and one-half years
  • Net zero energy savings
  • IBC joining the Denver Federal Center’s federal community and the amenities it offers


If you have questions about our move, please reach out using our Denver Move mailbox. We look forward to hearing from you.

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