Proposal Templates

Proposal Checklist

Part I – Cover Letter, Part I-Narrative, and Certificates

Part II – Excel File/Cost Schedules (Ver 1)

Part II – Excel File/Cost Schedules (Ver 2 - this version is designed for large organizations operate with major departments)

Part II – Excel File/Cost Schedules (Ver 3 - this version is designed to work only with MTDC base)

Part II – Excel File/Cost Schedules (Multiple Rates)

Excel File includes:

  • Exhibit A - Summary of Proposed Rate and Related Information
  • Exhibit B – Summary Expenditure Schedule
    • Financial statement reference data
    • Elements of cost (salaries and wages, etc.)
    • Direct cost program expenditures
    • Indirect cost pool expenditures
    • Adjustments for unallowable costs
  • Exhibit C - Indirect Cost Pool Personnel Salaries, Wages and Fringe Benefits
  • Exhibit D – Subaward Listing
  • Exhibit E – Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA)
  • Exhibit F – Contractual/Professional Services



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