Once your organization is proposing a reorg/realignment you will want to contact your servicing HR Specialist to begin the reorg process. An organizational change has impact on all HR Branches, therefore close coordination is required.

In order to ensure that the organizational changes are completed accurately, timely and within legal compliance, the following information is for your review as well as some required forms needed in order to affect your requested changes.

  • Organizational Entity Definitions: The Organizational Entity Definitions provides information on proper naming conventions for each organizational code.

  • Org Code Numbering Scheme: The Org Code Number Scheme identifies the appropriate way to develop the new numbering of the organizational code.

  • FBMS Cost Center Codes (DOI Customers): Contact FBMS Helpdesk to establish and input new codes.

  • Supervisor Reorg Packet: A helpful aid that walks through each document and form required to complete a Reorganization.

    • Reorganization Crosswalk: The Reorganization Crosswalk will identify the employee’s current and new organizational information.

    • Current and Proposed Organizational Charts: Charts should clearly outline organizational structure; include Org Codes, number of full-time employees and contractors, and FBMS cost center code(s).

    • Draft Reorganization Approval Memorandum: Memo will outline specific organizational changes and proposed effective date. The Reorganization Memorandum must be reviewed for accuracy and submitted for higher level approval/signature.