Payroll Manuals

The following manuals are available in PDF format to view, print, or download using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Fillable Documents for Payroll Clients

The documents listed here are used by Payroll Operations and client agencies to facilitate working together. These documents are fillable, printable, and savable Adobe documents. To electronically sign applicable documents, open in Internet Explorer or download to your computer and open in Adobe.

A-01Amended Time and Attendance Report
A-02Authorization for Expired Compensatory Time to Be Paid As Overtime for the Exempt Employee
A-03Automated Separation and Retirement Data Sheet
A-04Collection (by Payroll Deduction) of Government Indebtedness
A-05Deceased Payment Packet Checklist, 2 pages
A-06Foreign or Non-Foreign Pay Allowance or Differential Transaction Request
A-07Health Benefits Coverage during Nonpay Status
A-08Imaging for Document Retention
A-09Information for Reporting Non-Receipt of DD/EFT Payments
A-10Information for Reporting Non-Receipt of Hard Copy Salary Check
A-11Leave Buy-Back - Time Analysis Form, 2 pages
A-12Leave Buy Back Worksheet, Form CA-7B, 4 pages
A-13Leave Share Termination Checklist
A-14Loan Repayment Agreement
A-15Non-Taxable Transportation Subsidy
A-16Other Income Summary Sheet
A-17Pre-Payment for Health Benefits Premiums in Advance of Period of Insufficient Pay or Leave Without Pay
A-18Report of Taxable Fringe Benefits
A-19Request for Administrative Offset of Delinquent Government Credit Card Debt
A-20Quarters Deduction Input Form
A-21Manual Quarters Deduction Form (IQMIS)
A-22Request for Issuance of Bill of Collection
A-23Request Official Mailing Address
A-24Salary Payment Option - X-BIA-62125
A-25Garage, Meals, Commissary and Electricity Deduction Input Form
A-26Equifax Workforce Solutions Client Contact Update
A-27Transmittal to Payroll Operations Division
A-28W-2 Consent/Revoke Form
A-29Voluntary Estimated Tax Allotment Request
A-30Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) - Enrollee Information Sheet
A-31Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) - Payroll Processing Cover Sheet
A-32Certification for Waiving Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Premiums for Employees Called to Active Duty in Support of Contingency Operations
A-33Paid In Full Request of Bill of Collection (RBOC) Inactive Employees
A-34Request for Restoration of Forfeited Annual Leave
A-35Requirements for Calculations of Settlements/Back Pay
A-36Authorization to Move/Refund State/Local Taxes and/or Wages
A-37International Treasury System
A-38Request to Return Contribution to Employee from Agency Leave Bank



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