Leave and Earnings Statement

Employees receive their LES information electronically through the online Employee Express system at www.employeeexpress.gov. Hard copy LESs are printed and mailed only to employees who have obtained waivers. The following reasons meet the criteria for a waiver:

  1. No access to an agency computer with internet service;
  2. No access to a printer which would allow for privacy when printing the LES; and
  3. No access to Employee Express (e.g., employees under a dual appointment with two different agencies do not have access to Employee Express).

Employees in the following categories are automatically provided a hard copy LES:

  1. Employees in offices barred from internet access.
  2. Employees new to the DOI will receive a hard copy LES for a specified amount of time deemed by the agency. Thereafter, employees will receive the LES through Employee Express.
  3. Individuals separated from employment with the DOI will receive their final LESs in hard copy.
  4. Groups of employees without access to computers (e.g., seasonal firefighters) as identified and approved in writing by the office head. A copy of this approval must be provided to a bureau/office servicing personnel office so the waivers can be entered into FPPS. Employees can stop receiving the hard copy LES in two ways: (1) provide a written request to their servicing personnel office to discontinue receipt of the hard copy LES; or (2) press the “Hard Copy Off” button on the LES screen in Employee Express.

If you need further information or guidance, please contact your servicing personnel office.

This is a guide to help you understand your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES). The LES is a comprehensive statement of an employee's leave and earnings showing your entitlements, deductions, allotments, leave information, tax withholding information and benefits paid by the government. Your most recent LES can be found 24 hours a day on Employee Express.

Your pay is your responsibility, we recommend that you verify and keep your LES each pay period. If your pay varies significantly and you don't understand why, or if you have any questions after reading this publication, call the Customer Support Center at 1-720-673-9958.

The interactive Leave and Earnings Statements below provide a detailed description of the individual sections of a Leave and Earnings Statement.

The balances shown under the column labeled "LVYR C/O" reflects the amount of leave that was available at the end of the prior leave year and was carried over to the current leave year. They are not the balances in your leave accounts at the end of the prior pay period.

Under the column labeled "LEAVETYPE", "Other" refers to administrative leave. Administrative leave is time off with pay which is granted for such things as closures due to severe weather conditions, blood donations, jury duty, voting, etc. In these instances, there is no charge to any of your individual leave accounts for the time you are away from work.

If you have a change in leave reported (you really didn't take the leave you reported you would take, or you took leave that you did not report you would take), after your Time and Attendance Report (T&A) has been submitted for the pay period, your timekeeper will submit an amended T&A to the Payroll Operations Division (POD) for processing. The adjustment will be reflected on your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) in the columns impacted by the change, e.g., "USD YTD", "BAL AVAIL", "PROJ YR END" and/or "USE/LOSE". No change in your carryover ("LVYR C/O") balance will result from the adjustment.

If you have not received your LES by your official payday, you can request a duplicate statement. Your request can either be sent to the Payroll Operations Division (POD) by using the E-mail Form or by telephoning the Customer Support Center on 1-720-673-9958. Your request should include your name, the agency for whom you work, a statement of nonreceipt of your LES, the pay period of the LES you are missing, the address to which you want your LES mailed and a daytime telephone number where you can be reached if additional information is needed. A copy will generally be mailed within 24 hours of your request.



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