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HRD Sidenav - Drug & Alcohol Testing

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Preparing to Send Applicant for a Drug Test

  1. Open eDrug

    Access and log-in (see login instructions)

    Screenshot of eDrug login page
  2. Click on Test Results on left hand menu

    eDrug screenshot showing how to access the link to view test results
  3. Enter the Applicant/Donor’s Donor ID and choose Search

  4. Once you see the Applicant’s information, click anywhere on the row

    eDrug screenshot showing applicant information
  5. A pop-up screen with the Collection Scheduling Report will appear

  6. Scroll to the bottom to the Shipping and Tracking Information

    eDrug screenshot showing shipping information
    1. Next click on the Fedex tracking information to determine if the supplies have reached the collection site
    2. Another pop-up will appear that will show you whether supplies have been delivered and who signed for the supplies at the collection site (notate this information to share with the donor)
  7. Call the collection site

    Once you have the FedEx delivery information, call the collection site.

    1. Verify the supplies have arrived*
    2. Verify the hours of operation
    3. Verify the address
    4. Determine if an appointment is necessary

    *What if the site does not have the supplies?

    • When supplies are ordered by 2:30 p.m. (ET) in they should be delivered the next day via FedEx
    • If the FedEx link in indicates supplies have been delivered but the site cannot find them or the supplies are damaged; new supplies should be sent
    • Call Abbott (formerly Alere eScreen/Pembrooke) main phone number: 804-346-1010 to reorder
    • Points of contact are Kevin Mack ext. 76171 or Allen Breedlove ext. 76104
    • Reship requests can also be requested through customer service

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