Voluntary Deduction and Entitlement Interface Files

Worksheets are available to IBC clients for ease of processing mass voluntary deductions and entitlements.

The Voluntary Deduction Interface File (IFIL0282) may be used to establish the following voluntary deductions: association dues, discretionary allotments, fitness deductions, pretax health savings allotments, pretax health savings catch-up contributions, judicial survivors annuity, taxable OPIC parking subsidy, OPIC flex fund - dependent care, OPIC flex fund - health, savings allotments, transportation fringe benefits, and non-taxed transportation deductions. IFIL0282 should not be used for charity contributions, union dues, and certain retirement-related pay codes.

The Entitlement Interface File (IFIL0284) may be used to establish the following entitlements: fringe benefits, taxable parking, taxable transportation, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac gym reimbursements, life cycle payments, TSA pre-check reimbursements, and travel stipends.

Both the IFIL0282 and IFIL0284 must be submitted daily before 5:00 p.m. MST.

See your agency Security Point of Contact (SPOC) to obtain access to load the IFIL files for FPPS processing.

Log into the FPPS main web page to download the IFIL0282 and IFIL0284 interface input worksheets and instructions.



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