New User Training on eDrug and How to Schedule Applicant Drug Testing

Scheduling an Applicant Test Using the EOHN Clinic Registration - Electronic CCF (eCCF) 

IBC’s Drug & Alcohol Testing Branch produced a video illustrating the steps listed below.

  1. Access and log-in (see login instructions)
  2. Click on Test Scheduling on left hand menu
  3. Click on Customer Schedules Collection (ensure pop-ups are enabled on your browser) 
  4. Click on EOHN Clinic Registration 
  5. Enter the Office that you would like to schedule under, if you have access to multiple offices in your profile 
  6. Enter the donor’s first and last name. Click next.
  7. Use this screen to provide donor’s demographic information. If entering the donor’s Social Security number, remember to enter four zero’s followed by the last 5 digits of the Social Security number. 
    • If you do not enter the donor’s DOB, email address or telephone number that information will be collected from the donor at the collection site. 
  8. Enter a reason for the drug test. Most often used are pre-employment and random. Do not choose periodic, medical, diversion or transfer. These are options for non-federally regulated tests. 
  9. Next select the type of test. It is important to first select DOT federal test, then DOT urine and then HHS for HHS regulated test. Choose the DOT respected agency is the test is regulated but the DOT. Click next.
  10. The next step is to search for a collection site
    • Enter the donor’s location and then click Search. You will need to enter a zip code and search radius. 
  11. Once you decide on a collection site click directly on the site name to complete this step. 
  12. The next step is to set an expiration date for the donor to complete the task. Employees should report immediately, and applicants must report within 48 hours. You can select a longer time from for the test to stay active and select do not display expiration date so the donor think they have more time. 
  13. You can then add your contact information. 
    • If you want additional information added to the donor’s notification, you can enter it in the additional notes fields. 
  14. Click the confirm button to schedule the test. 
  15. The system will generate the ePassport instruction sheet for the donor. 
    • You can choose to email or text message the donor the ePassport directly or you send to yourself, save and wait to notify. With the ePassport the donor can immediately report to the collection site once the test is scheduled.


Screenshot of eDrug Screenshot of eDrug Screenshot of eDrug Screenshot of eDrug Screenshot of eDrug Screenshot of eDrug