New User Training on eDrug and How to Schedule Applicant Drug Testing

How to Schedule a Drug Test (Paper CCF)

IBC’s Drug & Alcohol Testing Branch produced a video illustrating the steps listed below.

  1. Access and log-in (see login instructions)
  2. Click on Test Scheduling on left hand menu
  3. Click on Customer Schedules Collection (ensure pop-ups are enabled on your browser)
  4. Enter applicant data
    1. Donor ID=4 zeros and last 5 digits of SSN
    2. Gender=Choose male or female
    3. Enter Last Name and First
    4. Choose “Pre Employment” for test type
    5. Choose Test Mode=
      1. Health and Human Services (firefighters, law enforcement, TS clearance, etc.)
      2. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (CDL holders)
      3. Federal Aviation Administration (pilots)
      4. Federal  Railroad Administration (train operators)
  5. Click Search Collection Site
    • Enter zipcode or city/state closest to applicant’s home or current  work location (attempt to enter data that will be convenient for the applicant)
  6. Click Find Collection Site
  7. Choose Select next to collection site you choose
  8. Click Submit


Screenshot of eDrug