New User Training on eDrug and How to Schedule Applicant Drug Testing

Signing in to eDrug the First Time

NOTE: Microsoft Edge is the best browser to use for eDrug 

  1. Enter into your browser
  2. Enter USERNAME
  3. Enter PASSWORD (the temporary password the IBC Drug & Alcohol Testing Branch provided)
  4. Click Login
    1. eDrug will lock a user out of the website if they do not log in every 60 days
    2. eDrug will delete a user’s ID if there is 90 days of inactivity
  5. Establish a new password
    • at least 12 characters
    • 1 symbol
    • 1 capital letter

Your USERNAME will not change and should not be shared with anyone. If you leave DOI or no longer have a need for access eDrug, contact us.


Screenshot of eDrug