This section of the Casual Pay website provides a list of additional resources that may be useful when processing pay.

Login to FPPS info site to access the Casual Pay User’s Manual

Note: Access to this manual is restricted. The Casual Pay Users Manual is located at the FPPS site. When you reach this site, you will be prompted for your FPPS system login. 

The CASUAL PAY USERS MANUAL contains Controlled Unclassified Information from the Department of the Interior, Interior Business Center (IBC), Payroll Operations Division, and is intended for the sole use of its clients.

This manual provides system functionality and navigation aids, in addition to general processing guidelines for pay-related processes such as debts, deductions, and Time and Attendance (T&A) processing when appropriate. This manual is not intended as a reference for processing and policy guidelines for either the Payroll Operations Division or the client agency. This manual is designed for internal system users, and therefore, displays the system screen prints.



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