Casual Pay Guide
Version 1.15

Casual Pay workers are defined as workers hired under the authority of the U.S. code called the Pay Plan for Emergency Workers.

The Casual Pay Guide is a Web-based publication that mimics a typical printed user guide. It is organized by chapters, as follows:

ChapterMain Sub-Topics
1- Casual MaintenanceHiring, Form I-9, Master Record
2- Time and Attendance and WagesTimesheet Corrections, AD Pay Plan
3- Deductions, Taxes and DebtsTax Withholding, Garnishment, Child Support, Alimony
4- Payments, W-2s, WES and ReportsWES, Salary Checks, EFT Payments, W-2s, 1099s
5- Deceased PayProcedures and Packet, Claim Form, Order of Precedence

Version Control Record - Record of the latest update to the Casual Pay Guide.