Casual Pay Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the Casual Pay website provides a list of commonly asked questions and their answers.

The FPPS system will be operational and available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week with the exception of the following times:

Monday - Saturday
2:00 am - 4:00 am Mountain Time (MT)

File processing, table loads, and daily backup processing to be performed during this time 

Saturday - Sunday 
10:00 pm - 10:00 am MT *

IT Directorate planned system maintenance 

* Maintenance times may be extended past 10:00 am on Sunday. In the event maintenance needs to be extended past the defined timeframe above, it will be scheduled in advance and communicated to the Casual Pay community. 

Pay calculates are run at 1:00 pm MST, Monday - Friday (except holidays). 

Go to the website. On the lower left of the page where it says "For IBC Customers", select FPPS from the pull down menu and click ‘Go'. You will get a notice you are entering a restricted area. Click on ‘Continue'. On the next page, under Web FPPS (Web-enabled FPPS) select ‘Login to Web FPPS'. This will direct you to the login page for Web FPPS. 

Note: If you are logging on for the first time, or using a computer that has never been used to access FPPS, you may see a delay at logon. This is due to files being downloaded to your computer.

If you do not know who your SPOC is, contact the IBC IT Service Center at 1-888-367-1622, Main Menu Option #2 then Option #2, to obtain the name and contact number of your SPOC.

Contact the Security Point of Contact (SPOC) for your agency to reset your password.

Contact the IBC IT Service Center at 1-888-367-1622. 




Timesheet was entered through I-Suite.


Timesheet was entered through I-suite and has notes attached.


Timesheet was entered in FPPS through CTIN command.






The timesheet header information did not pass edits. Timesheet cannot be certified with a fatal error.


There are one or more errors in the time information area of the timesheet. Timesheet cannot be certified with a partial error.


One or more errors are present in the time information of the timesheet. Warning errors are information only and the timesheet can be certified.




SSN is not in the FPPS system or SSN and last name do not match.

Hiring location does not match FPPS master.


Timesheet has been sent back to reject file from command CTPR.

Timesheet has notes attached.


Timesheet has a default hiring location.


An uncertified timesheet already resides in command CTPR.

Timesheet contains data that is less than prior year. This error will only allow timesheet to be viewed and/or deleted.  



  Update Point of Contact

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your point of contact information used by the IBC, please complete this form.