Acronym Description
ALC Agency Location Code
AME Oracle Approval Management
AR Accounts Receivable
AP Accounts Payable
BEAMS Budget Execution and Management System
CCR Central Contractor Registration
COTS Commercial off the Shelf
CPU Critical Patch Update
DBI Daily Business Intelligence
DFF Descriptive Flexfield
DMS Debt Management Services
FA Fixed Assets
FSG Financial Statement Generator
FV Federal Administrator
GL General Ledger
GTAS Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol
IPAC Intragovernmental Payment and Collection System
IPP Internet Payment Platform
JV Journal Voucher
LOA Line of Accounting
LOV List of Values
OFF Oracle Federal Financials Oracle
SRs Oracle Service Requests
PO Purchase Order
PPA Prompt Payment Act
SAM System for Award Management
SGL Standard General Ledger
SLA Subledger Accounting
SOB Set of Books
TAS-BETC reasury Account Symbol-Business Event Type Code
TTB Trial Balance