ALCAgency Location Code
AMEOracle Approval Management
ARAccounts Receivable
APAccounts Payable
BEAMSBudget Execution and Management System
CCRCentral Contractor Registration
COTSCommercial off the Shelf
CPUCritical Patch Update
DBIDaily Business Intelligence
DFFDescriptive Flexfield
DMSDebt Management Services
FAFixed Assets
FSGFinancial Statement Generator
FVFederal Administrator
GLGeneral Ledger
GTASGovernmentwide Treasury Account Symbol
IPACIntragovernmental Payment and Collection System
IPPInvoice Processing Platform
JVJournal Voucher
LOALine of Accounting
LOVList of Values
OFFOracle Federal Financials Oracle
SRsOracle Service Requests
POPurchase Order
PPAPrompt Payment Act
SAMSystem for Award Management
SGLStandard General Ledger
SLASubledger Accounting
SOBSet of Books
TAS-BETCTreasury Account Symbol-Business Event Type Code
TTBTrial Balance